Saturday, 19 February 2011

Overshot napkins

These have been awhile coming (here is peek to the past when they were first on the loom), they are part of a study group led by Jean Betts. Each of us had our warp pattern and color for weft and we wove each others weft. At the end, we are exchanging them, so I will end up with an array of different patterned napkins, all in my color.

Not only were the warps different colors, one was handspsun, others were bamboo or cotolin. It was interesting to see how the pattern is not affected by the color, but also by the fibre, and the thickness of the thread.

The last one on the right is a teeny experiment using Noro Kirimeki that we carry. the colors slowly change from pink to purple. It was quite beautiful, we will have to try it again on another overshot pattern.

This pattern is from a gentleman who used to publish a weaving newsletter with his own patterns. I am quite in love with the pattern and plan to do it again with another project. I have spun local kid mohair and I am now spinning bombyx silk, that I will ply and then dye in two colors, "lavender" and "silverbirch."And then I will weave this pattern again, to eventually make a cape, a hand made take on Smoking Lily's "Cape of Good Hope."

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