Friday, 10 September 2010

Overshot weaving and coast salish weaving

And we are off weaving, with a little help from our friends. Thank you Jean and Ryan! Definitely a journey in patience and persistence, and well worth the journey. Once weaving, it all comes together and is hard to believe that I am capapble of making such a pretty pattern.

And on another thread...Yesterday I was sitting in the Songhees Big House as part of the welcoming ceremony for the new Aboriginal Interns, a Provincial initiative that I have participated in the last 3 years. Each intern was wrapped in a blanket which had me off on a tangent imaging the days past when people in the big house would have been wrapped in a Cowichan woven blanket. Which led me back to my frequent thought about "dressing like you live here." Clothing yourself with materials that are in the nature surrounding us, for me, defines what traditional clothing is and recognizing that wool is my connection to the land. As is it for many of us, aboriginal or not.

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