Saturday, 25 September 2010

Habu is comnig to Knotty!

The time is coming around the corner! Habu has over 100 kits so I am curious to see what treasures Takako brings with her from Habu. I have been knitting Habu for the last two years ever since I first stumbled upon it at Maiwa in Granville Island. I imagine after the trunk show on Monday that I will be knitting more Habu. The jackets have always intrigued me, but seemed like a lot of work without knowing how they would fit.

The patterns are schematics and Takako willo be offering 45 minute classes to learn how to read them. I find them easier to follow than a western style pattern.

The show will start around 12:30 pm and we will be staying open late so people can stop by after work.

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  1. i was so thrilled when i got the e-mail from Habu about your trunk show! you don't know how much i wish i could be there. if i was going to be anywhere near the island i would make it there but alas i'm back in Alberta. wishing you so much fun though on the trunk show day.