Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Saori weaving and indigo

We brought home a Saori loom this weekend and it has been such a treat. We used to have one at home but the kittens were little and I think they pretended it was a lovely harp with beautiful strings to play.... they are a year older now and so far the loom seems to have gone un-noticed.

The Saori loom has an endless warp and the threads are fairly widely spaced which shows off the yarn that you are weaving with (weft). It gives me a quick idea of what my indigo dyed cotolin looks like. I love the slight variations in color.

I am not sure yet, the future of the huge skein of it, but I have been going through SriThreads blog and in love with the images. Being a beginner at all this, I thought it might be fun to start with a zokin, heavily stitched cleaning pads stitched by children and used for cleaning.

Baby Surprise Jacket

For my girlfriend Yaz, she is due in about 4 weeks. I wanted to make her son something special. I used Ryan's hand dyed merino, spun it, navajo plied it and then knit it up. I love this pattern, there is only 1 inch of seaming otherwise it is all one piece, it just falls into place. It is quite small, so it may only keep her little babe warm for a few weeks. Maybe one day I will have to make him a teddy and then his teddy could wear the sweater.

When I was first pregnant, my mom knit like a fiend and made George beautiful sweaters. I had to keep them of course! Now they dress Elizabeth and George's stuffies and are still loved.

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