Saturday, 10 April 2010

Back Strap weaving demo at KBN this Wednesday

Celia Santíz & Marla Gutierrez speaking on behalf of Indigenous Women's Fair Trade Weaving Cooperative Jolom Maya’etik and Women’s Organization K’inal Antzetik from Chiapas, MX

5.30pm Wednesday April 14th
Knotty by Nature Fibre Arts
1816 Government St.

Celia Sántiz is the current president of Jolom Maya'etik, an independent, democratically run cooperative of 180 indigenous women. Marla Gutiérrez of K'inal Antzetik has a long history of working with social justice and women's movements throughout Chiapas. The work of Jolom Maya’etik and sister organization K’inal Antzetik fosters women’s economic autonomy while strengthening the capacity of indigenous peoples to maintain a stronghold on their land, language, culture and traditional livelihoods.

They will be speaking about indigenous peoples’ and women’s rights
in the context of globalization in Mexico.

The beautiful work of Jolom Maya’etik’s artisans will be available to purchase at the event.

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