Monday, 3 November 2008

We're open!

We have been open as of Saturday at noon, when Ryan and I jointly took down the opening soon sign that we have had up for exactly one month. Considering we have not done any advertising yet, we have been pretty steady with people coming in. Which is a nice manegeable amount as our phone line is not in and we are doing visa and mc in the old fashioned rubbing fashion.

We do plan to have a grand opening, once we work out some kinks and to celebrate with everyone the coming of our new place.

These past three days have been so great, we have been meeting so many people who weave, spin, knit, felt, who want to learn etc... and the exciting part is that there are quite a few men out there who crochet, spin, weave etc too!

Consignment is also starting to creep in, which is fantastic as this is something I am really looking forward to, being a part of peoples' creativity and supporting it!

I have made a personal committment to myself to make sure I have time every week for getting what I love to do most, play with wool. Last night I was trying to sleep but could only think about some wool that I want to spin. if I make more than one skien it will be my wooded series. I brought home some fall colors of corridale roving (which has been sitting in the shop window waiting for me) and I am going to felt it tonight and cut it up in to leaf shapes. Then sometime this week I am going to spin it with some brown roving that we picked up from the Sunset farm on Saltspring last fall....

Here it is felted, after tearing it and mixing it up. We rolled it up in 2 sushi mats and rubbed the heck out of it in a bin with hot soapy water. Lots of leaf like shapes. I kind of thought I would have one big sheet of felt, and would then cut out leaf shapes, but instead I have pre-formed shape like bits already. Peferct!


  1. Congratulations, and best wishes!

  2. The store looks great and am looking forward to seeing it in person at Christmas time when we visit Victoria.

  3. Looks great - can't wait to see it!

  4. Stephanie - can you help Laughing (she's the one I told you about in Australia)

  5. awww. i wish i was there for the opening. looks so nice!