Monday, 12 July 2010

Napkins warped

We are on our way to making some napkins! We are part of a group project, 6 people, each weaving 6 napkins that we will exchange. The base is 16/2 unbleached cotton, but each napkin we receive from each other will be a different pattern and color.

At 30 ends per inch (epi) and 20 inches wide, this meant warping 660 threads. We decided to do twice as many napkins so our warp is twice as long as it should be. It went fairly quickly using the warping mill. This time I tried to be more meticulous,wrapping off the ends in bundles of 30's, which also made it quick to keep track of how far along the way I was. I am learning the more little things that I do upfront really helps down the road. (That is what I am hoping anyway!)
Next step, dressing the loom!

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