Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Victoria's Hand-maidens

Twice a year, Black Press puts on a women in business gala event. The event includes inspirational speeches, a Bay Fashion show and provides a great opportunity to network. This year, Knotty by Nature was invited to host an interactive fashion show (mingling in the crowd) during the reception. A chance to feature local designers, Floating Gold Iceberg, Fine Art and Design, Tierre Taylor, Muse Clothing Company, Jean Betts, KBN Knitwear presenting local business women with some fun and flare!

These are some behind the scenes pics!Tierre Taylor

Muse Clothing Co, Fine Art & Design

Floating Gold Iceberg


  1. wow, all of those designs look so amazing!!

  2. It sounds like quite the event. I do hope you have a pix or two of you in your gorgeous creations - the medieval shirt and the habu skirt.