Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We're Majacraft dealers now!

Last year I took a workshop with Lexi from "Intertwined", where I was introduced to the Majacraft world of wheels, and they are beautiful. I pined for one, and then ended up having a work-mate from New Zealand and managed to fandangle him into bringing one back for me (no shipping costs!). I love my wheel, it has a wild flyer adapter which allows me to spin the big hairy., super bulky funky yarns, as well as lace weight yarns. I wanted to sell them, but it wasn't to be, until a lovely lady from New Zealand came and spent some decent time in Victoria and one of the last things she did before she went on her way was to write to Majacraft on our behalf and assisted us in getting a dealership with them! So everything is set up, and I am planning on making an order in September...!

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