Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Unplanned unreinforced steeking

Reminiscent of a poor family planning. Steeking in hindsite, in my quick research on the net, people do unreinforced steeking but give themselves 7 stitches with which to cut between. I have 2 stitches, I knit my sweater in the round, despite the pattern design of knitting flat. The pattern is unusual in the short sleeves are just little add-ins on the side that are picked up and knit perpendicular to the rest of the sweater. So simple it threw me for a loop, and once I realised I either had to rip 4 inches or forge ahead and figure out the mysterious steek. I forged ahead.

After learning the continental method for knitting and pearling, I am quite amazed with the multitude of ways people can make a knit or purl stitch, so I am not giving up hope that I can find some way to have an unplanned unreinforced steek! The very least, I could pull out the sewing machine. Stay tuned!

I am plugging in the camera battery tonight, I have some pictures to share, our very first pattern designed for Knotty By Nature, and Habu has arrived!

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  1. I am waiting on details of the steeking adventure!

    And the 'handful' of Habu I took home is providing much fascination as I play with it and see what it would like to be. It's another dimension of fibre - sort of like providing extraordinary 'paint' for the fibre 'artist'.