Friday, 10 April 2009

Spinning and weaving retreat

Last weekend, we drove up to Cowichan Bay, my first visit there ever despite growing up on the Island. It is a sweet little place. Ryan, Elizabeth and I were vending at the Spinning and Weaving Retreat. We weren’t too sure how it would all work out, as we had never been to one of these retreats, and were vending from our room. I was imaging people walking around our bedroom…

Fortunately, our bedroom was a separate room from the living and dining room and we had a beautiful view of Cowichan Bay. Elizabeth had her own private space, and it worked out really well.

The weekend was really nice, we made some new connections with some beautifully spirited people. I took a quick moment to visit people upstairs where everyone was spinning, knitting and the positive energy was fantastic.

On the Saturday night, st the last moment we decided I should see if I could get a ticket to attend the fashion show and banquet, and luckily enough, one person had not yet shown up, so there was 1 ticket available! The highlight of the dinner for me was looking around the room, and everyone there was wearing something they had made themselves. The fashion show was amazing with some very beautiful items. I didn’t take any pictures, but Susan has a few on her blog Thrums.

Next year will be on Quadra Island the last weekend in May, can’t wait! Next year, I am bring my wheel and joining in for a bit of spinning!


  1. Thank you for the link to my page. I plan to leave the pictures at the photo share ( on the Retreat post) for quite some time so all involved have time to download them if they like.

    It was a grand time! I was thrilled to win your doorprize. I'm reading the book cover to cover and it's helped my spinning.


  2. I enjoyed reading about your being at the retreat - and then looking at the pictures. Seeing people wearing what they had made would have been a highlight for me as well.