Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Knitting two socks on one cable needle

Last night I particiapted in the first class of the "Socks that Rock" class, learning to knit two socks on one cable from the toe-up. No more second-sock syndrome, or a pair of socks that are slightly different because the first sock I knit up whilst in a more relaxed mood! I knit my first pair of socks toe-up a couple of months ago and I am hooked. I was going to write - never going back, but Lori had a pattern that was amazing and complicated enough to not convert it to toe-up. ori is also teaching us how to make the sock fit snugger, another advantage of toe-up!

My socks are more of an aran weight alpaca from Cortez Island. I still have a sore wrist from my last sock knitting adventure, so this way I am knitting less stitches, as well they are for a 1 1/2 year old boy in Yellowknife, which will be perfect, super warm little socks in the 40 below!

Some othe exciting news, Ryan and I had our own little spin-in late Saturday night and came up with some great ideas, one being hosting a stash exchange/swap at our weekly social. People can bring their wool, fibre etc to trade with each other.

We are also going to start a new newsletter that is community orientated. We will be welcoming submissions from everyone, whether it be some fibre discovery, learning, visit to another country, thoughts, pictures etc...

And last but not least, we figured out a fun way people can try out spinning on a wheel and it is also a way to play with moving into the realm of novelty spinning. Somthing to try at a social!


  1. Hi! You have a lovely blog and a very lovely shop. My MIL bought me some yak/silk roving for Christmas and on a recent visit I picked up some Cortez Island alpaca pencil roving. What is your advice on the best way to spin these fibres. They are so lovely to touch, I can't bear to ruin them!

  2. Hi Strawberry Creek,
    I would suggest a couple of options, with fibres you really like, it is nice to spin with a drop spindle because it gives you more time to enjoy the fibre rather than tearing through it with a wheel. Or if you want to use a wheel, I would suggest wpsinning with a long draw for eth yak silk blend, seeing as teh fibres are so short. The alpaca could be spun with a short or long draw on a wheel. If you want to use it for something that would last a long time, or to be less fuzzy , it would be good to ply it.

    Send me some pics when its all done!

  3. Thanks so much for your advice. It took me ages to come back and read it - sorry! We are hectic here. I will have to practice up on my longdraw!