Friday, 13 March 2009

40 below and pine needle baskets

Life has been very busy. I flew my son Nathan to Yellowknife to stay with his dad for awhile. He has been yearning for the great outdoors. In a weeks time, he will be hunting caribou with his dad out in 40 below weather.

Knowing this, I wanted to make him a pair of socks before I left him there. I spent the majority of the 8 hour trip there knitting his second sock (which I could not beleive are the same measurements of my foot, already!). As we were landing, I was casting off and he slipped them on before we got off the plane.

In other related events, we had our first pine needle basket weaving class led by Cara Satterfield. She put together a really nice package for everyone with needles she had pre-soaked rady to use, some dyed needles, and some dry needles for later use, all wrapped up in a nice little cloth.

Getting started was a little difficult, but she managed to walk us all through it and once we were going it was surprisingly easy and satisfying. My daughter, Elizabeth and I worked on one together and made a little dish for her dollhouse.

These were some examples that Cara brought along for inspiration!

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