Sunday, 28 December 2008

Studio conception and some crazy carding

Ryan's parents have been in town for the Christmas holidays, and it has been a really nice visit. An added bonus, is they are helping us to build a wall downstairs in order to help make the basement more of a studio for classes, and just in time as well! Our first class down there will be on December 4th, our first 4-shaft weaving class!

Here is a pic of the beginnings! The guys went and bought a door and siding which will be delivered tomorrow!Meanwhile, upstairs, I have been doing a bit of crazy carding, there is more to be done, but I am waiting for Christie to come into work later this week and I will do some more with her. I just couldn't wait! :)

Here is the makings of a fibre sandwhich, the roving on the bottom...
Then some of the yarn that I have been collecting since we have been opening. I don't throw anything away.
And then another layer of fibre....
Then using the coarse drum carder, I crank it through. I don't recommend you do this with a fine carder, especially a new one, as it can be a bit tough on your carder... and voila...
Next, I will bring home the batt and spin it this evening, stay tuned for the final product!

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  1. It's like a mosaic - I look forward to the 'yarn'. Had no idea a carder could be used like this. Such a wealth of new ideas! And I much enjoyed the open house on boxing day - thanks!!!!!