Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hats for the homeless

Over 40 hats were dropped off in the last month for the, who were assisting in the hats for every homeless, quite an impressive amount really! There will be alot of warm heads during these cold times!

Although the drive is done, the will continue to collect hand made items for charity, as well we will continue to be an agent and offer a location to either drop off finished items, or wool and to pick up wool for charity knitting. For more info, please visit Marilyn's blog.

I finshed spinning another skein of the wooded series, this one is frosted woods, hand spun Saltspring Island wool, with a hint of lichen color with soft spins of frosty pink mohair.
And a close up!


  1. That's so great to hear that you have collected so many hats - with all the unusually cold and snowy weather they will be put to good use, I'm sure.

    Love the handspun!

  2. Gorgeous wool!!! Have a very Merry Christmas. Hope to see you on Boxing Day!