Thursday, 3 July 2008

A Visit to the farm and with friends

Before the festival, Ryan, our friend and I went to a local farm in Saanich to pick up some fleeces, mostly texal yearlings.

The day before one of the sheep gave birth. Definitely one of the perks to doing farm visits!

While our friend was in town, we also did a Saori project together on her coat. It's a method we learnt from our friend Terri on Saltspring. It turned out really well!

Both photo's are from Katy Hind. Thanks!


  1. I hadn't yet heard of Saori, so I had to look it up, and I wanted to thank you for bringing it to my attention: it looks very interesting! The piece you did is beautiful, I really like it!

  2. Thanks, it worked really well with her fleece hoodie. The weaving is from Ryan with some of his hand spun merino wool that we bought at a spin-in from Hummingbird Fibres.

  3. That looks great! It's nice on the heavier fabric of the coat....well done!

    Happy Weaving,