Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The north

Ryan and I have been on a work/family trip for the last few days. We were fortunate to have an oppurtunity to go to the Nakinah River, south west of Atlin. BC. And to visit family in Whitehorse. We spent an afternoon and an evening on the Yukon River, eating salmon we helped cook on the fire.

We also stopped into Knit Now, the fibre arts store in Whitehorse. They have some beautiful qiviuq (musk-ox wool). I hope we can one day offer some of this amazing fibre at our future store :) I feel a personal connection to it as it comes from the land of my Inuvialuit ancestors.

Here are some great pics that Ryan and I took on our trip.

Crossing the Miles Canyon on the suspension bridge.

While we were in the airport, on planes, etc, Ryan and I read a really great magazine he picked up for me this week. Wild fibres, from the newspaper store on Douglas close to the Old Bay. It was really interesting mix of fibres, and stories of travels. There was a particularly interesting story of a girl following her parents journey through the fibre-gifts they brought back to her as a child.

I also did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done, whilst in airports and in the sky. I am making Ryan, an Elizabeth Zimmerman yoke fair isle sweater, in an olive green with my favorite wool, Rowan Kid Classic. This will be my 4th sweater with Kid Classic. I was in a bit if a bunk with knitting after another trip up to Atlin when I lost part of another knitting project. Then I came across on an internet sale for this wool, and figred it would get me knitting again. It is so beautiful, and I am now very careful with my knitting while traveling!

I was trying to add some more pictures but seem to be having some difficulties. I will have to try again another night and add some more. There are a few more that I would really like to share.

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