Sunday, 8 December 2013

December- A time for things to come to an end

Since returning back to my government job after opening the store in 2008, I have taken the month of December off every year, to be at the store, to share knowledge, and connect with fibre artists.

December is also a time to finish a project or two. This year, I picked up the my first attempt at knitting a sweater without a pattern from seven years ago. I had knit the body using a beautiful Noro yarn and then I reached a point where my required knitting skills need not match my actual knitting skills.I set it aside for the passage of time.

This winter I picked up that sweater, from another time. Filled with memories and  ready to add with new ones. I read the stitches and saw what little tips have I have picked up since I last put down this sweater.  Knit on to completion!

December- A time for things to come to an end, a journey in time with a sweater instead of a tardis
Here are a couple tips to share with you!
  • Change over yarns at the end of a row when you are starting a new ball. (simple but effective!)
  • Letting go of trying to control the tension when grafting. I had seamed the tops of the shoulders too tight! 
 It still needs a little tweaking, a little longer sleeves with a thumb-hole....

Any tips that you have recently picked up that has helped you on your knitting journey?


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  1. When getting to top of shoulders, finish on waste yarn. Then to join shoulder by pulling one stitch through the other then crotchet stitch off. This will give an invisible seam.