Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Van Isle's fibre arts community is catching CBC's waves

The first wave crept in quietly, 

a sneak peek 

I can imagine how this story begins with Dela crocheting her way across Canada viaRail. 

Fibre arts, like crocheting, knitting or spinning in public are a sure way to draw in curious people that remember a fibre connection in their family. 

A grandma who taught them how to knit, has a spinning wheel, 
or something they have never encountered before. 

With Dela's generous nature, I can imagine her showing someone how to crochet or knit.

"I just happen to have some extra yarn and a crochet hook." 
Any serious fibre artist will come with several projects :)

 I can see where this wave went. 
{speed forward a couple of months..}

and voila!

Railway knitting caught the first CBC wave.  
The next wave came this morning when
CBC interviewed the Tzouhalem Spinners and Weavers
to find out more about their new initiative to create 
a Fleece and Fibre Directory for the Islands.

The fibre arts community draws, creates an atmosphere of generosity, commitment and passion that is worthy of recognition through these radio stories. What better medium than one that draws on the magic of story telling on radio.

Do you have any radio shows you love now or listened to as a child, before there was the interweb?

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