Thursday, 23 February 2012

Behind the scenes on moving

Photo courtesy of Sarah Kurki
We are in a time of change. We moved our home and the store in the same year (reminder:never do this again!!). Moving the store was the biggest challenge, we had to move for January 1st and naturally the winter months are the most popular. Normally I am the kind of person to be prepared, packed ahead, kitchen left strategically last..  etc.. etc.. zip over to the extreme - nothing in the store was packed until the day of the move. 

I would tell every customer, we were moving, they would say, when, I would say, 3 days, ..... 2days...., tomorrow... (with a big calm smile, lol, feeling loony inside at the thought of moving and not having packed!)

The experience had all the signs for disaster, but somehow we ended up ahead of schedule from the get go. Every day, every next big challenge that we faced of packing, moving looms that had a project on the go, more moving, free-day...someone was always there with a fresh smile and new energy to keep us going.

Somewhere my big calm smile must have been in tune with the people who were thinking about how they could help us move. Amazingly I was still wearing a big calm smile when we managed an amazing feat of taking down a store and being back open for business in six days.  

We have always said we are more than just a knitting store and this move and with Fibrations last year have really allowed us an opportunity to connect with so many amazing creative and awesome friends whom 5 years ago we never would have met otherwise. 

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  1. I love your title! Just surfing blogs on blogger. I've had the experience of moving business and home at same time, stress.

  2. HI there, I just came across your blog. Love your yarn :-) I'm a newbie to woolly goodness. I found your blog by clicking the next blog button, so were bloggy neighbours