Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wishing you a handmade holidays

I can't believe it, it looks like I may complete 2 Christmas presents before Sunday! Last one on the way.

Have you made something by hand for someone awesome in your life? Share your handmades below, before Christmas Eve, and your name will go in to choose 1 of these 2 knitting project books.

They were sent to me in the mail yesterday and I thought I would share it with one of you to see what you think about it?! I love that is has knitting abbreviations in the back! Your pick stripped or grid style (adapted the shape of a knit stitch).

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and many more holidays to come.

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  1. happy holidays, Merry Christmas and an uneventful move. Have a wonderful start to a successful new year. I've just finished a fun knitting project but don't know how to leave you a picture - it's on my blog. Love to you all Jean

  2. Happy holidays! I'm looking forward to seeing the new store.

    I love the idea of a notebook with knitters graph paper. Are you guys going to be carrying that in the store?? :)