Saturday, 12 November 2011

We are moving!

January 1st 2012 we will have a new home for Knotty! A lovely new space in Fairfield. It used to be the place where a lady used to sell collectibles for many years. When the windows are fogged with steam you can still see the outline of the "consignment" and "buy & sell."

As I clean the place, I can see little windows of past activities, an old newspaper stuck to the floor, the back room where the lady apparently lived for many years, the space where her sink was. 
Stay tuned for future postings as we prepare to make this place our new store.


  1. I used to go there years ago when it was a second hand store! I'm sure you'll make it cozy and it's probably MUCH cheaper than Gov st.

  2. I can't wait! It's closer to where I live so I gt to go for a walk with a reward afterward !

  3. I too used to go there props shopping when I worked at The Belfry...the owner was quite a character.