Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Old bag made new with a vintage touch up

When I was pregnant with my son Nathan, 11 years ago, I made a babiche bag. Traditionally they are made with partially tanned hide torn in strips and then woven. Similar idea to a mesh market bag.

My in-laws had a beautiful one hanging in their bed and breakfast, and being on maternity leave what better time to while away the hours then recreating a babiche bag. I had never seen one made, or come across any instructions, so I made my own version, tying millions of little knots to form the mesh. Looking today on the internet, I see that people have made them with a form and wove the mesh. Maybe they are made slightly different in the north. 

My babiche bag served as great summer diaper bag, light and I could see where everything was! At some point it was forgotten and no longer used.With the heat this summer, my usual Kim bag wasn't working so I started using my babiche bag, faded and worn out with holes, looking rather tattered and overly loved. I decided to give it some extra love, a tea bath, vintage tatted lace and some awesome buttons from Rev, and voila...


  1. I loved seeing the bag in person - and knowing the history of it makes it even more special! I did not realize you made the mesh. Wow!

  2. beautiful! i love it! you must teach me someday.