Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Years Resolution

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So I have been thinking about what I would like to achieve this year, aside from the usual health goals! Oh yeah, develop stronger ankles! I have been thinking lots about the "olden" days when people would sit around in the evening and hand-sew, embroider, knit, spin weave, and maybe listen to the radio, whilst making beautiful things.

George and I went to the museum this week and it is full of textiles, made from first nations and early settlers. That type of thing we just isn't very common place. There are definitely people out there, people who mostly wear clothes they have made etc... With the store and all it is seems like such a perfect time to start making as much as I can for the home and to wear. One day, maybe my laundry won't pile up as high, because most of my items might be made by myself and valued more, just like I value one of my handknit sweaters more than the very last sweater that I ever bought (before I started knitting!). Ambitious goal, and maybe more of a lifetime goal than to achieve in one year! But a goal that makes me feel all warm and happy inside!

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