Wednesday, 16 December 2009


It is Ryan's birthday today and I knit him a pair of socks from Gaia Colors! I did them toe-up and split the skein in half at first so I could knit until I run out of yarn. One sock had a tail of about 1 inch and I carefully wove it in! I have a teeny ball left which I will save in a cute little hand made box of bits and pieces of yarn in case in a few years I need to mend them!

The latest Selvedge came in and I feel like it is a present for me on his birthday. Every issue is so inspiring, the latest has an interesting article on the wave of people who are going back to the crafts, the time care, love and attention that is put into each piece. I have also been thinking about hand-written letters and how they too are such special things now that I tend to send out an quick email! I still have notes and letters from friends when we still did such things. They are fun to treasure and once and awhile go back to....

Back to the present....This Friday is our monthly social, from 6-9pm. I think a couple of people are bringing some goodies and we will be serving some tea! Get in a bit of knitting those Christmas presents and socialize!


  1. Lovely socks! I've yet to try making any myself~ but...a mitten experiment turned out well, so who knows!

    Also, I really enjoyed my visit to your shop! I'm not sure if you remember me, um...I had that little crocheted doll with the orange hair? ^^ Your store is amazing! I can't wait to actually make something with all the yarn I bought~

    Merry Christmas!