Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hand towels and blogging

I have been struggling with the purpose of blogging and lately have realised the purpose for me to blog is about celebrating the fibre arts and celebrating our accomplishments!

My latest accomplishment was a bit of a journey, that required deduction, persistence and faith in myself that I could make it work. A blend of cotton and linen (cotolin) plainly woven with a border of indigo moon silk overshot pattern(Overshot is a type of weave structure that was passes over two or more warp threads). The design is a "A Thousand Flowers" by Marguerite P. Davidson, which is an ingenious design that allows one to have over twenty different weaving patterns. Which is perfect, as I did a warp long enough to weave about a dozen tea towels.

This picture is of the reverse side.


  1. Having seen - and touched - that towel in person - well, most worthy of celebration! Congratulations on such expression.

  2. Lovely! One day I WILL have time to learn to weave. One day...

    Thanks for the inspiration!