Thursday, 15 October 2009

Weaving Round Robin

A few weekends ago, Ryan and I particpated in a weaving round robin hosted by Jean Betts. Jean is an award winning weaver with a beautiful ittle studio in Oak Bay. She has been teaching us how to weave. Here are some little samples of what I did:

This piece is from Handwoven May-June 2005, it ia an Atwater/Bronson lace with bamboo in the warp and weft.

This is an example of Monks belt, with a mercerized cotton warp, and I believe I used Jean's handspun for the weft.

This one is my favorite, and I would like to do something substansial with this pattern that Jean designed on her weaving program. It is a over shot pattern, with a silk warp and more of Jean's handspun for the weft.It was a really great expereince and has expanded my knowledge of some more weave structures. Since then we have also done a day of dyeing and I will post some pics from that in the near future!

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