Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Monthly Social this Friday

It's that time of the month again :) Our monthly social is this Friday evening, from 6pm-9pm, everyone welcome, whether or not you have a project on the go! Would love to see you here :)

I figured I would share with you the original version of our store sign. It is from a CIBA reveiew. The CIBA Review was published monthly. It columns were devoted to a varied succession of articles on the history of dyeing, printing, tanning, weaving, etc., and the numerous supplementary crafts connected with the refinement of textile products. A very interesting resource. It is no longer in print, but several people have spent time scanning and digitizing it, so digital copies can be found on line.

Our sign is a depiction from Dutch theologist who published everything that he could find in the Bible with regard to textiles. The image shows a reconstruction of a loom with all of the raw materials: gold threadm flax and wool, as well as the dyes, scarlet, red and purple. Tyre was the origin of red and purple dyes.

I only took latin for one semester in high school, so I am not able to translate the text! Can anyone else?!


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  2. I asked a friend, who does Latin translations, about the Latin in your sign, and this is what he said:

    "Concerning the Attire of the Hebrew Priests" by the author Johann Braunius Palatinus. LINUM = flax; LANA = wool, (LANAM TRAHERE = to spin). Can't make out the rest.

  3. and then he added this:

    I took another look. The coil of wire is AURUM (=gold). The lower right refers to the materials used
    The lower left refers to the colors. Note that purple was derived from the MUREX snail at TYRE. For more details see