Saturday, 24 April 2010

More weaving opps!

While we can't pssoibly offer all the classes, there are some great oppoutunities to around Victoria to learn how to weave. Jean Betts (please email us for her contact info) offers up her studio for a beginers weaving class, and there are some guild members who also teach as well. They can be contacted through the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild.

As well, the Metchosin International Summer School of Arts is offering a class taught by Jacquetta Nisbet. Jacquetta has recently moved to Victoria and is in the midst up setting up her studio! Jacquetta Nisbet arrived in the USA from Scotland with a Fine Art degree in one hand and a vigorous enthusiasm for the arts of primary cultures in the other. For over 50 years she has studied weaving techniques of Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Hopi and Navajo, and the arts and philosophies of Asia. Now living in BC, she translates these influences into her own creative works and teaches workshops and seminars throughout the West. Her works are collected internationally and her two instructional videos/DVDs are classics of ethnic weaving. For more info about the course she is offering (no experience necessary!) please visit the MISSA website.


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  3. Hi...I looked at the Metchosin site...seems Jacquetta Nisbet's class is cancelled. Do you know if she is still opening a studio in Victoria.